The academic portion of or program is paced based on specific curriculum abilities.   Each CLASS begins with brain -based sensory activities. Our curriculum is classical program from  ABEKA. We start at  K2 and go through High School. Our supportive curriculum comes from Evan Moor. Additional material and manipulative are added based on the needs of the students. We endeavor to give our students an individualized education. 

During the last hour of the day, families can send in their favorite O.T., P.T. or speech therapist to work with their students. We also offer additional brain-based therapies and homework help during this time. 

CLASS 1 -- Illuminate

Students in this CLASS academical abilities are from  Pre-K through 1st grade. They are between 5 and 9 years old. It is a hands-on class with a 1:3 teacher/student ratio. This class is the foundation. It includes in reading, writing and arithmetic.  Students  focus on self-awareness, self-regulation and social skills. Our metronome-based letter sounds and number training is part of this CLASS. 

CLASS  2 -- 

Students in CLASS 2 have either successfully completed CLASS 1 or are ready for a more rigorous academic setting. The teacher/student ratio is 1:4. Students will be in 1st through 3rd grade and between 5 and 9 years old.  This class has an additional emphasis on Social Studies and Science.  


Our CLASS 3 students are between 9 - 13 years old. They have specific needs requiring individualized attention and  a flexible academic day. The ratio can be 1:3 or 1:4, depending on their social needs.   The CLASS is similar to  CLASS 1, but geared to the older student.

CLASS 4 -- Fusion

These students are academically between 3rd and 8th grade. They are 12 - 18 years old.  Subject matter, comprehension and social skills are important focus points for this level. Students can expect homework AND  any unfinished  school work is completed in the last hour of the day.


For our brightest achievers we offer ABEKA High School on-line. There is support staff to facilitate is and tutoring time for necessary subjects. This program, although academically advanced  can be done at a slower pace than a typical high school.




 fundamental skills in reading and math and physical writing skills are our priority. These are facilitated through metronome—based activities to enhance brain development.


 every afternoon and an occasional full day, we take our students out for fun activities. These include bowling, swimming, zoo, museums, ceramics, and so forth.



Like our day school, students work on fundamentals through metronome-based exercises. The goal is to build a rock solid foundation in academics and social skills.

To maximize improvement, we require a minimum of two days of attendance per week (Monday - Thursday). Half an hour homework help, if necessary, is included. Fridays, we end the week with a field trip.

One on one tutoring sessions are available upon request.