Sensory-Based Therapies

Brain-Based Activities


True Knight uses a variety of brain-based activities in our program. Some are available as part of their school day, after school program, or camps. Others have additional time and / or fee requirement.

The TK Sensory Program


A rhythm and timed based program which focuses on colors, shapes, sizes, numbers, letters and spacial relationships. It is adapted to students based on their cognitive ability. 



An exercise program based on underdeveloped primitive reflexes (happens in utterly and early childhood development.) which cause cognitive delays. 

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Sensory integration activities that require individuals to balance precisely, make spatial judgments and provide a means of allowing feedback are the most powerful and effective activities available for maintaining and improving brain-processing efficiency and allowing an individual to become an efficient learner and improve academic success.

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The Listening Program (TLP)


Any Student attending True Knight 5 days per week - Day School, After School, and Camp — automatically get the TLP SPECTRUM standard protocol as part of their program. It is a 15 minute per day listening activity. An extended protocol is two 15 minute sessions per day.

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Outside Therapies

Parents may also schedule to have their student's PT,  OT and speech therapies done at True Knight during our Day school hours.